Synthentral 20190215

15 Feb 2019 - 20:52

Welcome to Synthentral! Synth-based music: new releases, older songs, and classics. From Synthpop to Futurepop to Synthwave to Industrial and so much more! Give the bands a listen. If you like what you hear then go and support the bands! Buy their music, like their social media pages, and definitely go see them on tour! Today's episode features music by Noctronyx, Batch ID, Ladytron, New Neon, [de:ad:cibel], SynthAttack, Aviatrix On Fire, Sydney Valette, SeYSMIC, Gregorio Franco, BlutEngel, M73, Mind Machine, Tragic Impulse, LupoSapien, Schoenborn25, Gamma10, Grimlin, Trevor Something, V, Blinky Blinky Computerband, Goo Munday, Mr.Kitty, CZARINA, QUAL, Dark The Keeper, Daniel Adam, This Human Condition, and Ashes 'N' Android!