That Thing With Rich Appel (5/18/19)

20 May 2019 - 23:10

If you loved the fast-paced top 40 radio of the 1960s and 70s - where DJs talked up to the vocals, acappella and “shotgun” jingles stood out, and the commercials were almost as good as the hits - you just might like "that thing with Rich Appel." "that thing…" is a weekly three-hour celebration of that radio, highlighting those jingles, commercials and all the hits (from the rock ’n roll 50s through the rockin' 80s), along with features like “The Slow Dance Make-Out Song of the Week” (or “SLO-MO”), “Needles and Spins” (where listeners - and Rich - tell stories and memories attached to specific songs), “A Year in an Hour,” "The K-Tel Hour" and “The World’s Shortest Countdown.” "That Thing with Rich Appel" currently airs on the weekends on many radio stations around the country and around the world on AM/FM & internet Radio. This broadcast aired on 5/18/19