DUDUK SINGS MAMA (Duduk Sings II Album) - Martin Ghazaryan

A Sample of Duduk Sings "MAMA" Album Tracks

The album was recorded in September 2007 in Irkutsk at Narek Studio.

The Tracks are as follows:

1. Martiki Yerka (Martik's Song aka Zinvori Yerka) By Aram Satyan
2. Hishoghutiun (Remembrance) By Narek Geghamyan
3. Neri Inz Mayrik (Forgive Me Mother, A Folklore Song
4. Heranal (I Can't Leave), A Folklore Song
5. Verchin Ankam (For The Last Time) By Narek Geghamyan
6. Gisherayin Hov (Night Breeze) By Alexander Hekimyan
7. Im Lav, Im Lav (My Dear, My Dear) By Khachatur Avetisyan
8. Ave Maria By Schubert

A graduate of Armenia Komitas Conservatory of Yerevan, Martin has played over 2000 Armenian as well as international tunes throughout the years with his band "The Magnificent Seven", performing in concerts and events in numerous cities and countries.

According to several well known authorities on Duduk instrument, Martin's playing style is identical to that of all-time master duduk player, Vache Hovsepyan (Vatche Hovsepian)

Martin is the only master duduk player in the world, who has played Titanic & Ave Maria tunes.

With the help of people who watched my video clip series titled "In Search of Duduk... Master Player, Martin Ghazaryan", I finally located Martin last summer, and of all places, Irkutsk of Siberia !

Edited and uploaded with prior concent of the artist by Valentine Grigorians

(Quoted from the article posted at Duduk.Com)

"Days of Erebuni-Yerevan 2750-th jubilee celebrations. We were preparing to fly to Moscow: the concert to be broadcasted by the Central television consisted of two parts, a classic one and a national one"- Mark Petrosyan, the organizer and author of the concert says.

- The performers of the first section were Komitas string quartet, Gohar Gasparyan, Arno Babajanian, and others. The national part - ensemble of national instruments, Ruben Matevosyan, Soghomon Seyranyan, Vache Hovsepyan. Yet in Yerevan, Vache worriedly asked for a couple of times: "What shall I perform? The Russians and the Europeans will not understand the language of duduk". I replied that he should perform one piece, we should show duduk to the world.

We were in Ostankino studio two hours before the performance. Silent, anxious: we had to present Armenian culture to the entire Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. It was Vache's turn. I looked at him, his fingers were trembling. A moment later, he confidently approached the center of the studio, bowed and started "Hovern Ynkan". Eyes closed, he played with all the energy hidden in his small body, with emotional gestures. I guess, such bursts can happen only once in a lifetime. We, who stood on the backstage, where stunned. Vache came out soaking with sweat, his mind away from the reality, the surrounding fuss. We hugged... he was shivering, unable to say a word. We brought him a chair; he sat there staring at one point.

Date: 16.03.2008

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