Prove It With Your Actions! ᴴᴰ ┇ Powerful Speech ┇ by Sh. Dr. Tawfique Chowdhury ┇ TDR Production ┇

Video Created by The Daily Reminder TDR Donate Now to produce HD Islamic Videos Here's the link: is Calling Click here to Answer: All Believers The Syrian Crisis: It With Your Actions Powerful Speech by Sheikh Dr. Tawfique Chowdhury TDR Production So yes Actions are a part of Imaan. Yes, actions, you have to prove with your actions, not just your intentions. Yes, stop saying, Oh He intended good, he had good intentions . You know we say that all the time, That's okay, the other's fine he has good intentions. Stop saying, I love Allah and the Messenger in the heart and you have no actions. Stop saying it Because then you are nothing but a hypocrite. You're a hypocrite because you got no actions A hypocrite is someone who said I love Allah and the Messenger , but they actually disproved it with their actions. And that is why ya ikhwati stop saying, Oh no, but I had good intentions in the heart . People say this all the time. I intended good , who cares you intended good? And that's why Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Tammiyah (may Allah have mercy on him) said, he said, The path to Jahannam is paved with good intentions. He says, The path to Jahannam is paved with good intentions. That's true Because everyone who tried to do what they did had good intentions. Oh, I'm only taking Ribah (Usury) because I wanna get richer so I can give more Zakah or I can look after my family. Good intention, good intention, but you took Ribah (Usury) in the process. So the point is, the matter is ya ikhwati, remember this ya ikhwa, the path to Jahannam is paved with good intentions, so your actions are extremely important. Your actions much match the rhetoric that you say you have in your heart. Keep Yourselves updated: TDR Website: (coming soon) TDR YT Channel: fb Page: on Twitter: https: TDR Network TDR on G : Insulting the Prophet Muhammed Mohammed Innocence of Muslims Full Movie trailer Sheikh Sh Doctor Dr Yasir Qadhi Yassir recite quran qur'an recite in the name of your lord read recitation translation mishary al afasy ghamdi zimmerinhere thedailyreminder TDR Quran ilm knowledge Sheikh Sh Doctor Dr Yasir Qadhi Yassir Sh Sheikh Feiz Muhammad The Daily Reminder Thedailyreminder TDR Dr Doctor Reda Bedeir zimmerinhere Mufti Ismail Menk MuftiMenkRox Imam Suhaib Webb Suhaib Webb TVSunnah The arrivals Sh Sheikh abu Taubah Tauba day of judgement fiqh alkauthar institute jokes lol Sh Sheikh Kamal El Mekki al makki funny How to Give Dawah dawah niqab hijab debate oppression liberation TVSunnah misconceptionn icnatv music in islam is music halal is music haram the end of music music Let's Talk About Love arise and warn debate ilm knowledge Sheikh other Hamza Tzortzis zortzis Islam or atheism funny Dan Barker Philosophy Atheism arise and warn funny debate muslim christian debate Hamza Tzortzis funny Funny debate Funny muslim Debate The big debates abdur raheem green Sh. sheikh imam Alaa Elsayed el sayed marriage nikkah nikah Sheikh Sh Yusuf Estes convert women hijab niqab beard funny sunnah prophet Muhammad Mohammed Islam Muslim Koran Quran Muslims ALLAH bayyinah institute twins of faith Malaysia peace conference 2011 2012 2013 quran weekly the deen show mercy mission iera Salam Studios qalam institute GPU zakir naik khalifahklothing Nouman ali khan peace tv huda tv guide us tv icna mas convention 2011 journey of faith conference dawah almaghrib institute yusuf estes funny funny islam funny muslim conference 2011 twins of faith icna convention 2012 2013 dr. Yasir Qadhi Meeting your wife in paradise youth conference 2011 Dr. doctor Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips aabphilips bilal philips islamic online university almaghrib institute qabeelat durbah dawah alkauther kamal el mekki niqab niqab debate love affairs pure matrimony ummahfilms ummah films baba ali Ali Ardekani Reminder series Ask Baba Ali ICNA MAS Half Our Deen kalimaat peace comedy convention ISNA Masjid Al Taqwa imam sheikh Siraj Wahhaj Wahaj Wahajj terrorism 911 Islam Muslim Koran Quran Muslims ALLAH muhammed mohammed Sharia law terrorist Jihaad Holy war Kafir Kufar Infidel 911 Sept September 11 9 11Al Qaida Terror Suicide Bombing Jihadist Islamist Palastine Israel world trade center Peace Muslims In America: Surviving After 11th funny Meeting your wife in paradise ustadh funny afsir tafseer new parenting nouman ali khan meeting your wife in paradise stories quran musa koran quranic arabic Wisam Sharieff Abdul Nasir Jangda Ramadan Ramadan 2013 2012 siraj Wahhaj TDR 2012 2013
Date: 01.08.2013
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