Topless Hugs - Sorority Hazing Ep.2 | Bad Girl's Ball

Sigma Epsilon Chi out of UB made their pledges get three topless hugs from strangers and record it to prove they completed the task. The sisters also showed this footage at a big party on campus further humiliating the pledge class. Sorority / Fraternity hazing is getting out of control and needs to be kept to a minimum. I feel so bad for these girls! :(

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In dedication to the beautiful Shana Elizabeth Dowdeswell.

Written, Directed, Produced and Edited by Christina Jacquelyn Calph


(In Alphabetical Order)

Rosie : Laura Aguinaga
Toni : Christina Jacquelyn Calph
Eddie (Cameraman) : Eddie Fernandez
Sarah : Allie Funk
Neo (Boom Operator) : Teddy "Neo" Hernandez
Shannon : Jordanna James
Alex (Cameraman) Alex Jorgensen
Ashley : Azriel Wallace


Director : Christina Jacquelyn Calph
Writer : Christina Jacquelyn Calph
Executive Producer : Christina Jacquelyn Calph
Executive Producer : Ben Pollack
Producer : Hector Gutierrez
Producer : Kevin Soe
Producer : Rosalia Calph
Director of Photography : Eddie Fernandez of Eternal Eye Entertainment
Editor : Christina Jacquelyn Calph

A Camera : Eddie Fernandez
B Camera : Alex Jorgensen
Boom Operator : Teddy "Neo" Hernandez

Special Thanks to Tekserve and to the city of New York!

A "Gioconda Pictures" Production.

Shot with two Canon 5D camera's and edited on Final Cut Pro X (MacBook 2010 17 inch)

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Date: 19.06.2013

Bad Girl's Ball - Christina Jacquelyn Calph
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