Ukrainian Women's Prison - Detention

Original footage from a documentation in CIS television about Prisons in Ukraine https: wiki Prisons in Ukraine wiki Prisons in Ukraine Actual background as narrated in the documentary: A young female inmate was caught stealing during labor in the canteen kitchen. At the moment of the filmed sequence she is being tied immobile to a bench in the detention section after being caught. She will remain secured in place until the officer on duty will deal with the transgression. An employed worker has observed the inmate stealing from the kitchen while she was supposed to wipe the floor and reported the incident to an officer on duty. While she is being tied down the young woman repeatedly denies the accusation. Later it was commented by the narrator, that the depicted inmate was subsequently charged for petty theft and condemned to prolongation of imprisonment. It was instructed by the director of the facility that she would further be placed in solitary confinement for some time. She has originally been sentenced to seven years of imprisonment for cases of theft, having served five months when this incident took place. She had worked as an orderly in a hospital where she regularly stole money and bank cards from sleeping patients during night watch. Besides the case where she was caught in the act, thirteen more cases were imputed. With this new case the young prisoner was assessed as an undiscerning delinquent by the criminal judge thus causing the rigorous penalty. What actually happened to the inmate hereafter remains unknown.
Date: 19.03.2013
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