Son Had Sex With Mother Then Kill Her

It was not the answer Natalie Belmonte family waited for some two years after she was murdered at the hands of her adoptive son, Gerard Lopes Belmonte. But in a Fort Lauderdale court room on Wednesday, the answer came and it shock family members and hundreds of mourners who asked why he would have done it.

Prosecutors presented the disturbing answer to a packed court room.

They revealed, at the hearing, that DNA tests showed Gerard Belmonte's semen was found inside his mother's body. Prosecutors said it's evidence that he raped his mother -- also his first cousin who rescued him from South America when he was a little boy. Prosecutors conclude he killed her to cover up the crime.

"This is our motive," said Assistant State Attorney Adriana Alcalde. "This is why he killed her."

However, it was the response from the defense that stunned the court. Gerard Lopes Belmonte defense claim him and his mother had consensual sex and that the DNA evidence should be thrown out at the upcoming trial. Alcalde vigorously denied that claim. http://www.addmorejuice.com/2013/09/06/gerard-lopes-belmonte-raped-mom-killing/

Date: 06.09.2013

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