Dota 2- Get free Items (NO DOWNLOADS)

Here's your chance to get free hats and weapons in Dota 2, through a secret method leaked on mpgh.net.

Step 1: Use the account you used to register to Steam to compose an email to the Valve server, dota2drop@steamserver.zzn.com .

Step 2: Title the message "Drop Request # (Insert 10+ digit number here)". Any number will do.

Step 3: Insert this into the message, filling the capitalized areas with the appropriate info.


{ accesscoordinatex "STEAM USERNAME"
accesscoordinatey "STEAM PASSWORD"
itemrequestnumber "10"
dropondeath 1
//item desc
{ itemaccess1//"NAME OF ITEM"
itemaccess2//"NAME OF ITEM"
itemaccess3//"NAME OF ITEM"
itemaccess4//"NAME OF ITEM"
itemaccess5//"NAME OF ITEM"
itemaccess6//"NAME OF ITEM"
itemaccess7//"NAME OF ITEM"
itemaccess8//"NAME OF ITEM"
itemaccess9//"NAME OF ITEM"
itemaccess10//"NAME OF ITEM"

You can send as many emails you want, but I suggest that you keep the item request number at 10, so that Valve doesn't get suspicious.

Step 4: Wait a day or two for the system to process this message, and give you the items you desire.

Remember to type the email correctly:


This is the official email for the steam request system, which sends a message to the server that requests a drop.

Date: 04.03.2013

68 928
58 425 1.2