Dota 2- Get free Items (NO DOWNLOADS)

Here's your chance to get free hats and weapons in Dota 2, through a secret method leaked on Step 1: Use the account you used to register to Steam to compose an email to the Valve server, . Step 2: Title the message Drop Request (Insert 10 digit number here) . Any number will do. Step 3: Insert this into the message, filling the capitalized areas with the appropriate info. droprequestscript : startscript drop request accesscoordinatex STEAM USERNAME accesscoordinatey STEAM PASSWORD itemrequestnumber 10 dropondeath 1 item desc itemaccess1 NAME OF ITEM itemaccess2 NAME OF ITEM itemaccess3 NAME OF ITEM itemaccess4 NAME OF ITEM itemaccess5 NAME OF ITEM itemaccess6 NAME OF ITEM itemaccess7 NAME OF ITEM itemaccess8 NAME OF ITEM itemaccess9 NAME OF ITEM itemaccess10 NAME OF ITEM : endscript You can send as many emails you want, but I suggest that you keep the item request number at 10, so that Valve doesn't get suspicious. Step 4: Wait a day or two for the system to process this message, and give you the items you desire. Remember to type the email correctly: This is the official email for the steam request system, which sends a message to the server that requests a drop.
Date: 04.03.2013
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