Crystal Liu Yi fei 刘亦菲 - Fang Fei Mei Li 放飞美丽 - MV

Crystal Liu Yifei is a well known Chinese young actress and singer. She recorded a Chinese and Japanese language album in 2006. Song: Fang fei Mei Li from 2006 album Liu Yifei Company agent: Hong Xing Wu Yule Record label: Sony Music Overseas agent: William Morris Name: Liu Yifei Real name: Liu Xi Mei Zi English name: Crystal Nick name: Qian Qian (Xi Xi) Born: August 25, 1987 Birthplace: Wuhan, Hubei CHINA Zodiac: Virgo Blood type: B Height: 170 cm Weight: 48 kg Education: Beijing Film Academy (2006 graduate) Languages: Chinese mandarin, English, Japanese Skills: acting, dancing, designing Good friends: Hu Ge, Yang Mi, Huang Xiaoming etc. Fav pet: dog Fav actress: Audrey Hepburn Fav sports: swimming, dancing, golf Fav colors: white, pink, ight colors, gold, silver Fav gifts: crystal, Barbie doll, Hello Kitty Fav food: plum, milk candy, mango, water melon Fav place: Paris, Da Li (Yunnan, China), Los Angeles Fav movie: Gone with the wind, Romans holiday Fan club: Fei mi Filmography: 2002 The story of a Noble Family (drama) 2003: Demi Gods and Semi Devils 2003: Chinese Paladin 1 2004: Love of May 2006: The return of the condor heroes 2008: The Forbidden Kingdom (movie) English fan site:
Date: 27.06.2009
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