Minx goes on the Offensive

Sexy catsuit clad crime-fighting cutie DareDoll Minx sneaks into the Peepers hideout via a rope ladder (from Episode 11a), and proceeds to take out the dastardly Peepers one at a time in hand to hand combat (Ep 9b and 17a). Minx is doing well until she is ambushed and taken down with a tranquiliser dart (7b). Her unconscious body is over the shoulder carried (11a) to what the Peepers anticipate will be her ultimate demise. Minx awakes to find herself tied down to a giant drilling machine and about to be ventilated in places she would rather not be!(9b). Really puts "being bored to death" into perspective !

NOTE -- this is a compilation of plot elements from several DareDoll Dilemmas Episodes assembled to create a coherent "mini-episode" for your enjoyment. For additional free preview material, and the full 15 minute DareDoll Dilemmas Episodes, follow this link - https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?cl=8365&c=ib&aff=111804 - to Dyna-Flix.com

NOTE (to YouTube) -- This re-edited material is posted with the full knowledge and consent of the copyright holders -- Dyna-Flix Productions -- by a fan with no commercial interest in the company.

Date: 14.09.2013

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