Super Ponybeat - At The Gala (Finale Mix) by Eurobeat Brony

The Gala Original song by Daniel Ingram Remixed by Eurobeat Brony Odyssey Music Any and all free time I've had during this most recent Final Project, has gone into this. Tough song, tough way goin' about it... hopefully it makes for an equally solid Ponybeat. :3 With that in mind, this may be the last Super Ponybeat I do this month. Even though I figured this wouldn't even come out this month, I'm surprised at what I've been able to churn out in the short amount of time I've had. However, this has not made the rest of my projects and finals go away, so I will need to use this time to apply myself to them. Is this the last song I'll make for Vol. 1? It's certainly the last track on the album, but not the last one that will be made. 3 Special thanks to BlackM3sh ( ) for the vector of Celestia (Psssst: Listen all the way through )
Date: 09.05.2011
Odyssey Eurobeat
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