I found something that was inherently disturbing. while responding to comments on my lolicon and shotacon videos I found videos that actually celeated this crap and promoted websites dedicated to it. this is not only naturally disturbing this is wrong videos for popular lolicon and shota con series can be found here in censored form of course on Youtube. without flagged warning. really people what kind of message is this sending first of all to anime fans in general and to the youth all around the world. this is sick. and it must be stopped right now I urge all of you, the responsible you tubers, the voices of reason, the ranters of truth and all those who fight for sense and sensibility to get pro active and please FLAG any and every video on You tube that promotes and or contains lolicon or shotacon. this immorality cannot and will not be tolerated in the anime community and especially on you tube. It's time for the real anime fans to rise up and wise up for truth and sensibility. let's do our part right now to stop the child pornography and exploitation known as lolicon and shotacon. WANT PROOF THAT IT S ON YOUTUBE
Date: 24.08.2009
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