Difference between physical and spiritual death - Ahnsahnghong

What is difference between physical and spiritual death? After physical death, we have the spiritual life. But the spiritual death means that our souls completely die. It's because our essence is not our flesh but our soul. (Jn 6:63) Do no boast about tomorrow. (Pr 27:1) So we prepare for the spiritual life rather than the physical life. Then, what should we prepare to the spiritual life? The eternal spiritual world without pain or death. (Rev 21:4) a perishable body cannot enter, but only he who has eternal life can. (1 Co 15:50) We must receive the promise of eternal life on this earth. Then, how can we receive the eternal life? When we eat Jesus' flesh and drink his blood, we can have eternal life. (Jn 6:54) Jesus promised that the Passover ead and wine is his flesh and blood. (Mt 26:26) If we keep the Passover, we can receive the promise of eternal life. In this age, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the mother allow to us the eternal life through the Passover and lead us to the heaven. World Mission Society Church Of God is only church keeping the Passover.
Date: 28.02.2013
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