Birthday - One Piece

Wow long time no see, literally!

according to Youtube I've been gone for 3 years : o (sorry everyone!)

There are too many reasons for my absence
first of all my studies are taking too much time, then my good old computer crashed for good so I had to buy new one which had new Movie Maker
(that's why I tried to "hide" those subs) and it took forever to find new episodes etc.
and as you see, there are some editing bugs but oh well, I didn't want to fight for nothing

Well at least here is a new video with bunch of pairings :D
have to admit that I couldn't decide which pairing I should use so I picked 3 instead of 1
;) (Nami isn't hooker! it was just easier for me to use more than one certain couple)

and I even may edit more when I got time
so stay tuned :) !

song is called Birthday sex by Jeremih

enjoy ! :)

ps. noticed a little ago that there is a little typo in the ending but ingnore it :D
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Date: 06.11.2012

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