MOTIVATION - Lada Pridal before and after

EN: I have been getting lots of requests lately from people seeking information about exercising using body weight. The are asking how to learn various exercises, how many reps, how often, what and how to eat, etc. etc. I have therefore decided to open another Youtube channel, CzechWorkout, which will be both in English and Czech languages. It will deal exclusively with these subjects of body weight exercise and diet. Please subscribe and stay tuned, I will be uploading videos in which I will do my best to pass my experiences to people interested in this sport. CZ: V posledn dob mi st le ast ji p e v ce a v ce lid , kte maj z jem o informace ohledn cvi en s vlastn vahou. Jak se nau it cviky, jak asto cvi it, kolik po t opakov n , jak se stravovat, atd atd... Proto jsem se rozhodl zalo it druh kan l na youtube CzechWorkour, kter bude v e tin a z rove v angli tin . Tento kan l bude slou it pr v k informac m ohledn cvi en s vlastn v hou t la. P ihla te si odb r a z sta nalad ni. V pr b hu za nu nahr vat prvn videa, kde se budu sna it p edat mé zku enosti ohledn cvi en s vlastn vahou pr v v m, kte o tento sport m te z jem.
Date: 26.02.2013
Czech Workout Official - XiOne and Lada
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