OFF Recordings Radio 20 with Andre Crom

18 Oct 2018 - 11:00

Welcome to OFF Recordings Radio #20. Today we'll listen to the second hour of my set from the 21st september at Sisyphos Berlin. If you follow this show regularly you'll know that it's one of my favourite clubs in the world. In the second hour of my recent set there, i went for a mix of mental and intense techno. Enjoy! Andre Crom --- Learn more about OFF Recordings and sign up to our newsletter, for one free track of each EP we release: The show is syndicated worldwide by Syndicast. If you are an artist and want to get your radio show / podcast aired on radio stations worldwide, or on streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes..., visit us: If you are a radio station and interested in airing the show, please register your station here: