Saschienne's Clubberia Podcast

14.05.2012 62:57
There's an argument to be made that Saschienne's well documented fascination with the unknown bleeds into their mixing technique, looking at how they obviously don't care for genre proficiency. It's quite some trippy stuff they present in this podcast exclusively made for Japanese dance music hub Clubberia, and it comes from all angles, in the most unsuspected ways. Exactly our cup of tea, especially when someone pulls off a stunt like stuffing the no wave hop of ESG, JayDee's timeless classic Plastic Dreams and Conrad Schnitzler's electrified ode to socialist propaganda all into one mix. A huge bonus drop comes with Dixon's Remix of Saschienne's very own Unknown , to be released on the 21st of may as a collaborative 12 from Kompakt and Innervisions. Download this mix at: out Saschienne's debut full length: info:

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