Difficult Music : Neoprimitive Special (14 August 2017)

15 Aug 2017 - 21:33

First broadcast: 14 August 2017 (FSK Hamburg) - I had been afraid of the primitive, had wanted it broken gently, but here it came on us in a breath: Johannes Makaron and Lukas Fischer did visit Difficult Music for a talk and a fine DJ set. Together they founded the new DIY-label Neoprimitive. Listen to the upcoming debut release and to some of the music that has influenced their label. Also music by Nørthern Pøwerhøuse, Af Ursin, Dean Hurley, Vatican Shadow, Phil Struck and Damien Dubrovnik. - Neoprimitive: https://soundcloud.com/neoprimitive http://www.neoprimitive.eu/ - Tune in, drop out! - 18 August 2017 @ Golden Pudel Nina trifft: Good News & DJ Storm http://pudel.com/ - Live stream: http://www.fsk-hh.org/ More on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/difficult-music More on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/difficult.music - DIFFICULT MUSIC FOR DIFFICULT PEOPLE Each Monday on Radio FSK (5-7 pm MEZ / 4-6 pm GMT) UKW 93,0 MHz \ Kabel 101,4 MHz