Carranco @ ODARKO - Spring 2018 (3)

20 Apr 2018 - 18:14

ADVANCE TICKETS for: ► ODARKO SLEAZYMADRID 27/04/18 - EVENTS: ► ODARKO SLEAZYMADRID 27/04/18 - Enjoy this promo djset "ODARKO Spring 2018 (2). Groundbreaking #techno, #progressivehouse & #electronicmusic with powerful and fantastic dynamic attack and groovy melodic beats, including masculine warped voices, distorted synths, hypnotic arpeggios and mysterious breakdowns, which make you move on the dancefloor, absolutely cool for prime time hours in fetish clubs. Music to turn you on and get you high. YOUTUBE: SOUNDCLOUD: @carrancomusic MIXCLOUD: FACEBOOK: iTUNES PODCASTS: -----------------------