A Design Film Festival Soundtrack Vol. V / 2017

19 Oct 2017 - 16:20

The fifth volume of A Design Film Festival soundtrack with a brand new mix for 2017. Each track has been carefully selected and was inspired by the 10 official selection from this year’s Festival. The soundtrack will be played in the theatre prior to each film. — Total running time: 1:04:17 Compiled & mixed by Daniel Koh Recorded at The Apartment 14 Oct 2017 – Support the artists featured here, buy their music. Copyright belongs to the respective owners of the featured recordings. File under Ambient, Dub, Eclectic, Electronica, Soundtrack – www.designfilmfestival.com/2017 www.anonymous.com.sg www.unit-studio.com/v3 © 2017 Anonymous / Daniel Koh (Singapore)