CDR Toronto: Summer Mix - The Manifesto Discovery Mix: SNDTRK6

22 Oct 2018 - 19:00

It was the Summer of 2018. Amidst the August heat, creators of all things beat related came together to exchange beats, smiles, and styles. The SoSo Food Club played host to The Manifesto Discovery Series: SNDTRK 6 & beat heads were treated to the sounds of The Build, Sampler Cafe, The Beat Academy and, Subtle Blend. In addition, performers and guests were encouraged to submit their original songs. These tunes were played in an Open CDR format. CDR (Create Define Release), provides a platform for music creators to bring their finished, or unfinished songs to a venue equipped with a proper sound system. While songs are played, the artist’s names and song titles are displayed encouraging connections and collaborations. This mix was curated by I.Khan. Tracks submitted for SNDTRK6 were played at the event, then further reviewed to compile a mix that could represent the ample talent in the house that night.