4LT4RS 11.

03 Nov 2018 - 21:26

4LT4RS Episode 11 feat. studio, live and rare tracks from: Grandeur - They're Everywhere https://grandeur-usa.bandcamp.com/track/theyre-everywhere Soft Kill - Grandview https://www.instagram.com/softkillpdx Silent Runners - Make it Right https://www.instagram.com/silent.runners Twin Tribes - The Vessel https://www.instagram.com/twin_tribes Antiflvx - Memories Like Dreams https://www.instagram.com/antiflvx Puritans - Autonomy https://www.instagram.com/puritans_band Screature - Waiting for a Light https://soundcloud.com/screature Night Haze - Lost in the Light https://soundcloud.com/nighthazemusic Second Still - Recover https://www.instagram.com/second_still/ Winter Severity Index - Static Cold https://soundcloud.com/winter-severity-index Child of Night - Like an Animal https://childofnight.bandcamp.com/ Otzi - Ghosts https://www.instagram.com/otziband Lost On Me - Patience https://lostonme13.bandcamp.com/ Sisters of Mercy - Something Fast [Live] Clan of Xymox - Tonight